David Cameron finalmente virou macho…

… e resolveu enfrentar a loucura da tirania fiscal que a dupla Merkozy quer impor ao resto da Europa.

Querem saber mais sobre isso? Então leiam o blog de Daniel Hannah, no Telegraph, que explica direitinho o que está em jogo na União Européia:

What have they got against the City? Some Eurocrats dislike capitalism in principle. Others regard London as a lawless entrepot that has grown rich from the sweat of ‘proper’ workers elsewhere. Some simply don’t like the British. Still others resent the way in which their highest earners are paying taxes to our Exchequer rather than their own treasuries. Nicolas Sarkozy, who launched his presidential campaign among the large French community in Kensington, was recently overheard gloating that, if the UK had to raise its taxes much further, ‘we might get our young people back’.

I can count 47 pieces of legislation on financial services currently clanking their way through the EU machinery – not counting the recently-adopted ‘six pack’, and not counting flagrantly anti-British measures that have already been passed, such as the AIFM Directive.

What can we do about it? Since the EU plainly intends to be unhelpful, if not downright vindictive, we shall need to find unilateral ways to protect our interests. And when I say ‘our interests’, I mean those of the nation as a whole, not those of a handful of bank executives. As I never tire of arguing, there is a world of difference between being pro-market and being pro-business. The trouble with the EU’s agenda on financial regulation is not that it is anti-business – on the contrary, some of the mega-corporations welcome it, knowing that they can assume the compliance costs more easily than their smaller competitors – but that it is damaging to our national prosperity.

The financial services sector is one of the few in which Britain leads the world. Its impact is felt well beyond London. My South East England constituency benefits enormously from the wealth generated by London: hundreds of thousands of my constituents owe their jobs directly or indirectly to the City. The industry also employs 100,000 people in Birmingham and 150,000 people in Scotland. It generates nearly 12 per cent of the government’s total tax take, and 3 per cent of our export revenue. It is as important to us as heavy industry is to Germany or agriculture to France. They, of course, would not countenance accepting EU rules that damaged those sectors.

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