They all bleed and grieve in the same way

O único comentário possível sobre o filho da puta chamado Anders Behring Breivik.

“The unexpressed goal of bringing about transformative chaos becomes the element in which terrorists are most at home. Destruction and self-destruction briefly compensate for some perceived slight or more abstract grievances that cause their hysterical rage. As endless studies of terrorist psychology reveal, they are morally insane, without being clinically psychotic. If that affliction unites most terrorists, then their victims usually have one thing in common, regardless of their social class, politics or religious faith. That is a desire to live unexceptional lives settled amid their families and friends, without some resentful radical loser – who can be a millionaire loser harbouring delusions of victimhood – wishing to destroy and maim them so as to realise a world that almost nobody wants. That unites the victims of terror from Algiers, Baghdad, Cairo, via London, Madrid and New York, to Nairobi, Singapore and Jakarta. They all bleed and grieve in the same way”.

(Michael Burleigh, Blood and Rage: A cultural history of terrorism)

Um comentário em “They all bleed and grieve in the same way

  1. Esse maluco merece o Inferno, junto com os skinheads paulistanos! Além de agredir e matar gente inocente, esses caras ainda fornecem os pretextos pra esquerdalha mundial continuar com sua eterna choradeira!

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